Hathaway Ranch Vineyard grapes


Scenic Landscape

Planted along the west side of Highway 65, the 152 planted acre (185 total acres) vineyard is at a perfect elevation and climate to support the quality production of French Colombard wine grapes. With its own well drilled in 2013, the land achieves an adequate water supply for the vineyard, pool, and event center. The vines were planted in 2014 and 2015, so buyers will have the luxury of purchasing a vineyard that’s in a prime production period. The grapes are already contracted with ASV wines. This is your opportunity to get in on a winery that’s already running and making revenue—the vines alone generate enough revenue to pay for the house.

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*Active Vineyard Acreage may be negotiated/purchased separately and is not included in Listed Purchase Price. More details on yield per ton/net tons per acre, etc., are available.